Are you looking for newly built properties to purchase in Rome, so as to move with your family to Italy’s great capital city? It surely is a big decision, which is also important for your children’s future prospects. If, on the one hand, you can find so many positive aspects out of [...]
We’re in La Spezia, Liguria (Northern Italy). As you know only too well, this nation is famous for the wine production of every region, with Liguria being one of the most appreciated among them. Today, Smart Living offers you a winery for sale in Liguria; an enormous 5 star resort, with [...]
If you’re looking for a house in Rome, the offers more or less near the centre are truly infinite. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for THE HOUSE par excellence, then you’ll have to turn to Smart Living in order to get the marvellous detached Loft in Borgo Pio that [...]
Today, we’re talking about luxury properties in North Rome, in the huge capital of Italy. Smart Living has some unmissable offers for you; they consist of brand new constructions in Formello, a council at 10 km distance from the G.R.A.; planned, built and followed directly by our [...]
The villa in Lucca that Smart Living is offering, is truly an opportunity for those of you who’d like to start and manage a touristic enterprise. The property is made of a large and elegant penthouse apartment plus three floors underneath, which are destined to a Bed & Breakfast that could [...]
Is it possible to even deal with properties such as a medieval castle in Tuscany? Absolutely yes, Smart Living can even do this. It offers you a medieval burg of the XIII century, located at 40 km from Florence. This medieval castle in Tuscany is situated in a strategic position: the top of a [...]
Smart Living is a dynamic real-estate team that deals with already existing luxury properties as well as with building new ones that are equally modern and peculiar. Today, we’re referring in particular to the latter: under the “new constructions” section of our website, [...]
To live in Italy’s capital city is already a great privilege… Purchasing luxury houses in Rome is even a greater one. Smart Living offers you some properties that are in a league of their own, exceptional and located in the heart of the city, to transform your life and render it a [...]
Among Smart Living’s “luxury” offers, we can find a loft in Borgo Pio (Rome) that is truly exceptional. It consists of a fully detached property in the centre of the capital, just a few steps away from St. Peter’s Basilica, finely renovated between the antique and the [...]
How many properties of great luxury and prestige are there in Italy? Many… So many. Smart Living has, however, the great privilege of dealing with a very particular one that is rather unique in its kind. The property is even bound by the Superintendence to the Cultural Heritage of our [...]


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